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What is Protennoia?

Protennoia means First Thought in ancient Greek. Ancient texts describe Protennoia as the First Thought from the All (also called the One, the One Thing, Divine Oneness, the Source and the Virgin Spirit)—what some call God. Protennoia also has many names, including Barbēlo and The Mother-Father (because she/it brought forth the Autogenes androgynously [with no consort]).

The eBooks on this site (of which, The Emerald Tablet is the first) explore what these ancient texts might mean and what they possibly meant when they were written thousands of years ago. Consider possibilities, do your own exploration of what these texts might have meant and what they may mean now.

About The Emerald Tablet

Buy The Emerald Tablet now!At an archeological dig on the Sinai Peninsula, an obscure piece of parchment kicks off a frantic search for the fabled Emerald Tablet. Andrew Coulter leads a team of internationally renowned experts in Egyptian history and archeology in a desperate search for ancient clues to the Tablet’s location.

Unbeknownst to Coulter's team, a ruthless international organization, the League, also hunts for the Tablet, and tracks Coulter's team. The League has searched for the Tablet and the power it possesses since the beginning of the Middle Ages, and will kill anyone who gets in their way to make the Tablet's power their own.

Hunted by the feared mukhabarat, the Egyptian secret police, and the violent proxies of the League, Coulter's team scours ancient texts and history as they race to find clues that will lead them to the Emerald Tablet. Bold, decisive action is the only way to stay one step ahead of the League and mukhabarat, but will that be enough?

Follow Andrew Coulter on this provocative, controversial, fast-paced adventure that challenges traditional ideas, thought and teaching, and discover for yourself what it takes to turn base materials into gold!

What is the Emerald Tablet?

The Emerald Tablet contains knowledge handed down to humans from the Egyptian god, Thoth, over six thousand years ago. According to ancient alchemists and legend, the Emerald Tablet holds the secret of the primordial substance of the Universe, the power to transmute base materials into gold, and much more!

What if such knowledge, such power, were found today? How would that knowledge, made public, change Man's Destiny, challenge traditional knowledge taught across continents, and move the balance of power in the world? What wouldn't those in power do to stop that knowledge from becoming accessible to everyone in the world? Who could stop powerful people from squelching knowledge that is every human's birthright?

Want The Emerald Tablet?

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