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I started reading The Emerald Tablet on my way from San Francisco to Cabos San Lucas. For two days I almost forgot the beach, the pool, and the sweetness of the local sunsets. The reading was so intriguing that I did not even mind the ... format of the pages on my iPhone.

The Emerald Tablet is very entertaining, like it would be a fast paced action movie, with drama, humor, detailed historical and geographical references and a cohort of characters from different parts of the world, all determined to find the elusive Tablet to exploit and use its incredible powers. What was really intriguing to me was the constant search for a true understanding on what the ancient god Thoth would reveal to humankind: you will find it if you read this book.

~Gianfranco (

Loved the book. Didn't want to put down this page turner and thoroughly enjoyed it. Really, what if humans got this knowledge from the gods and applied it? Could we do what this guy Andrew coulter does? Great to think about what could be. Liked the characters--every one had their own personality and agenda. Could easily see how those in power wouldn't want this knowledge out there for everyone to use. The other commenters are right. Would make a great movie.

~ Ringertones (iTunes)

I read the Emerald Tablet and it was fun to read. The characters were well-developed and the conflict between them from the beginning kept me reading (their ideology, their life experience and backgrounds, the ruthlessness of some, the refusal of some to believe in themselves).

The details of Egypt made me feel as if I was there with the characters as they raced to lose the Egyptian secret police and stay ahead of them as they went on their search for the emerald tablet. There is a lot of interesting history in the book, and I could tell that a lot of research was done to tell the story. I'm ready for the next book!

There should be a movie for this book.
Enjoy it.

~Toothbrush Pro (

I read the Emerald Tablet and really liked it. Interesting history in it, great action that keeps you reading, and I could see that everything could possibly happen. Never heard of the emerald tablet before, but interesting if it was real and an evil organization was trying to find it, chasing people around the middle east and doing whatever to get it in their hands.

A little slow in the beginning, but that set up the constant action throughout the rest of the book and I could see that it was necessary to give all the background, because that was what was important in the rest of the book. Like the way the book set up a sequel. Looks like it may have even more action with worse people going after the main characters than this book.

Overall, it's real nice reading!

~Skywalker (


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